Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves - black / blue

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Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves - black / blue

  • Just What You Need: For those ready to start off on the right foot, Sanabul Essentials Gloves set the bar for quality gloves with incredible value. More than just starter gloves, Essentials pack features that other gloves charge a premium for.  
  • Modern Design: Engineered Leather gives these gloves a classic look that’s easier to maintain than traditional gloves. Our mesh palms will help your hands release heat while working.
  • A Brand For Champions: Whether it’s the clean, Sanbul look, or the professional quality, you’ll see the Sanabul name on many professional athletes. From hall of famers like Micheal Bisping, to hot prospects like “Sugar” Sean O’Malley.  
  • Gel Impact Protection Foam: Gel foam underneath the lining absorbs the big punches better and will get you through the toughest rounds.
  • The Perfect Fit: These gloves will feel good from your first session until your last. Longitudinal arch design ensures a natural fit and our hook and loop closure system keeps them snug and secured. 

Size Guide for Sanabul Essential Boxing Gloves:

8 – 10 oz gloves

 Person under 45 kg (common size for children)

10 – 12 oz gloves

 Person between 45 kg and 57 kg (common sizes for women)

12 – 14 oz gloves

 Person between 57 kg and 68 kg

14 – 16 oz gloves

 Person between 68 kg and 82 kg

16 oz gloves

 Person over 82 kg


Essential gloves were designed to be used in any combat sports category that required closed fingers. With so many different types of gloves available, the process of buying a new pair of gloves can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the sport. 

While Sanabul has other products specifically for MMA or Muay Thai, these gloves offer the widest range of weight and padding thickness options. Whether it’s bag work for boxing, or light sparring for kickboxing, these gloves are the perfect starting point.


Poor padding can fatigue or even injure your hands. The foam used in the gloves is infused with gel to offer enhanced protection and softness. It will absorb and distribute the impact into the material so your knuckles are shielded. Train hard and long while staying protected from injuries!


If you know anything about kickboxing gloves, you might already know the shape can have a significant impact on your performance. Stiff gloves with poor design can leave your hands in uncomfortable positions for hours at the gym. Our Essentials gloves have a unique Longitudinal Arch Design which ensures that the gloves are able to comfortably fit the natural curvature of your hand. This will make sure that you are able to properly close your fist when striking and each punch has both impact and power.


Unlike kickboxing gloves made from vinyl, the performance engineered leather build of these gloves makes them breathable and ensures enhanced durability. The engineered leather build also makes the gloves easier to maintain and clean. Your gloves would look as good as new even after several months.


While some professionals may love to lace up their gloves, it’s time consuming and requires a partner. These gloves have a Secure Velcro Closure System to get you into training faster. This will not just ensure a secure fit while practicing but you’re able to put on and take off the gloves instantly.


Sweaty hands can be uncomfortable and make the inside or your gloves difficult to clean. Sanabul essentials have mesh insides. This ensures that your hands remain cooler throughout the training and also enhances the breathability of the gloves to make sure that the gloves do not hold any moisture inside.

Designed by professionals, the Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves from Sanabul are sure to enhance your training and routines. The gloves are available in many different sizes and colors. No matter if you have just started boxing or kickboxing or are a professional, these are the gloves that will help you give your best ever single time!

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