Sanabul Essential Curved Punch Mitts - black, green

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Sanabul Essential Curved Punch Mitts

  • Just What You Need: Sanabul Essentials is all about getting you started on the best foot, with equipment that will set the bar high for all your future gear. We fuse quality, style, and value together into one of bestselling product series in the combat sports.
  • The Perfect Fit: The half ball palm grip of these gloves means it will contour to the shape or your hand like a glove should. The punches can be caught more naturally and your hands won’t be sore after a workout.
  • Tested By Pros: Sanabul works with pro fighters, like NABO boxing champ Mike Lee, to test and give feedback on our products. We constantly tweak our designs in our obsession with making the perfect piece of gear
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Understand: Our Essentials line is all about taking the confusion out of the process of shopping for new gear. Our punching mitts are designed to work just as well for kickboxing as Muay Thai or MMA. And our Engineered Leather is quick and painless to clean and maintain  
  • Breathe Easy: Mesh backing may seem like a small detail, but your hands will thank you when they get hot and you can release sweat easier

We’re out to strip the confusion from buying new equipment! We know what you want: to get into the training room with good gear that stands out, in all the right ways. Instead of overwhelming you with your options, we made the Essentials line to work in the broadest range of combat sports. It’s true, purists have deep preferences when it comes to equipment. One day, you might also. But until then, let’s get you into gear that’ll feel great and won’t cost half your paycheck. The essential curved punching mitts are designed to offer a sturdy grip while being comfortable at the same time and it comes with the same level of quality and durability that is exhibited by the company in any other product.


The essential curved punching mitts are available in the form of a mould that is shaped exactly like a hand to offer a better grip as it keeps the mitts from slipping away when being punched.



Sanabul is especially known for making comfortable products and the essential curved punching mitts is no exception. They are manufactured using the santec foam which is ultra light and comfortable for both the holder and the puncher.



The material used in the manufacturing process is performance engineered leather of exceptional quality. It is highly durable and very easy to maintain and clean.



The mitts incorporate a half ball palm grip that offers ultimate hold and keeps the mitts from getting slipped away while they are being punched at.



The adjustable wrist strap comes with mesh backing that makes it easier for the wearer to adjust the mitts properly. It also proves to be useful in keeping the wearer’s hands cool as they increase the breathability of the mitts.



The iconic Sanabul design features bold colors over a simple black finish. All of our Essentials Series is designed with a consistent look and feel to compliment your whole kit.



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