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At Sanabul, we are committed to creating professional-grade equipment engineered to perform at the highest level, while also offering products accessible to everyone.

We believe the products people choose are an extension of their personalities. Our range of apparel and equipment is thoughtfully curated to be as individual as the people who use it, so we design for the trendsetters, the traditionalists, and everyone in between.

We are at the edge of innovation. Building products using innovative materials and leveraging the latest manufacturing technologies is crucial to our process. We are not satisfied by the status quo. We strive to break the mold in every category, from material to manufacturing and product design to packaging.

We started Sanabul in 2014 because we knew we could do better than the other guys. We understand what matters to customers and we’re constantly evolving to provide unrivaled solutions. We recognize that everyone has their own fight, whether they’re stepping into the ring or challenging themselves to get in better shape, and we provide the tools to help them win.

Guided by these founding principles, we are dedicated to building a progressive, environmentally conscious, brand that represents a diverse community of motivated individuals.

They say nothing worth having comes easy, and we agree.

Sanabul - Fight For It.


Sanabul’s never ending quest for excellence has taken many twists and turns. Designing and producing products to perfectly fit athletes of all skill levels is both exciting and challenging.

As a result, our R&D process is extensive. At times designing the best for our team of customers means defying conventional logic about what makes something “the best.”

Many people think animal leather is the perfect material for boxing gloves and pay premium prices for “genuine cow hide.” The problem with believing in perfection, is it means you stop trying to improve.

Our in-depth analysis determined that the best balance of performance factors including durability, fit, feel, and sustainability is found in alternative materials.

For this reason, Sanabul equipment has been made using our Performance Engineered Synthetic Leather since day one. Research shows, synthetic leathers have a much smaller carbon footprint than animal-based materials.

Over time we have developed different iterations of synthetic materials to meet specific performance demand characteristics.

Today our Performance Engineered Leathers are better than ever. Are we satisfied?

No. Synthetic leather is a step in the right direction, but we can do better. Never not pushing forward, we look for ways to improve.

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